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What is Danganronpa: Pascal College Edit

DPC (Danganronpa: Pascal College) is a Fan Made manga about a group of students. The students are trapped in the school for a unknown reason. All the windows are sealed of and the exits are blocked. Then a bear appears and explains the rules of this insane game.

The Rules Edit

  • Rule #1: Students may reside only within the school. Leaving campus is an unacceptable use of time.
  • Rule #2: "Nighttime" is from 10 pm to 7 am. Some areas are off-limits at night, so please exercise caution.
  • Rule #3: Sleeping anywhere other than the dormitory will be seen as sleeping in class and punished accordingly.
  • Rule #4: With minimal restrictions, you are free to explore Hope's Peak Academy at your discretion.
  • Rule #5: Violence against headmaster Monokuma is strictly prohibited, as is destruction of surveillance cameras.
  • Rule #6: Anyone who kills a fellow student and becomes "blackened" will graduate, unless they are discovered.
  • Rule #7: Additional school regulations may be added if necessary.

Chapter 1: Edit

First Murder (SPOILERS) Edit

The first muder is a duo murder. The students that are killed are: Baakee Yakurebu (Ultimate Kick Boxer) and Eree Yaa (Ultimate Jester). And the murderer is Kurisu Jesarufudo (Ultimate Manga Artist). But why and how did he kill them. Well... Baakee and Eree were planning to kill Naomi Biirujukuun (Ultimate Cheater). And because Kurisu was in love with Naomi he didn't like the idea. So he opened the door, grabbed a chair and completely destroyed Baakee's head. Eree tried to stop Kurisu from killing him. But Kurisu kicked Eree and snaped his neck.

First Execution (SPOILERS) Edit

Kurisu is tapped to a table with a blanket underneath it. Then suddenly a giant pencil appeared. The pencil started stabbing Kurisu. And when Kurisu's body is all messed up Monokuma comes into the picture. He grabbs the blanket with Kurisu's bloody silouet on it and hangs it outside the school as a flag. After that, Kurisu is lifted onto a giant book. And then... the book closes with Kurisu's body in between the covers.

Chapter 2: Time Limit Edit

Second Murder (SPOILERS) Edit

The second killer is Toomasu Towin (Ultimate Womanizer). He killed Jeemii Bedoriejaa (Ultimate Hockey Player) because she rejected him. But how did he kill her. Well... He was in the gym when he asked her out. Whe she said no Toomasu grabbed a weight and threw it at Jeemii. After that ge went looking for a rope. When he found the rope... He hang her. And left the gym to go to his room,

Second Execution (SPOLIERS) Edit

Toomasu is tied to a chair in a stripclub. When suddenly Monokuma starts poledancing. After a while Monokuma grabbs the pole and shuffs it into Toomasu's stomach. And then the robot women come in and start shuffing the pole furter into his body, until it comes out at the other side. Then the make a fire, they put him above the fire and the robot women start spinning him. And when he is burned they eat him.

Chapter 3: MonoMonoMathics Edit

Third Murder (SPOILERS) Edit

The third murderer is the Ultimate Student Counsil President (Gunuaa Ruunyuyuugu). Gunuaa murdered Jaijisu because she lost all hope in her class and this was the only option to escape. But how did she kil him? Well... When Jaijisu came out of the Media Library he ran into Gunuaa. Then she stabbed him with a pipe and threw him into the elevator. She locked the elevator so he couldn't escape and would choke.

Fourth Murder (SPOILERS) Edit

At the end of the Trial the class found out that Gunuaa killed Jaijisu. Naomi cheated on Kurisu with Jaijisu so she was very angry that Gunuaa killed her beloved boyfriend. And because of that she snapped Gunuaa's neck in front of the whole class.

Third Execution (SPOILERS) Edit

Naomi is beeing chased by Monokuma on a cheetah. Then the dead body's of Kurisu and Jaijisu appeared. They both tell her to kill herself. Then another rope appears and the cheetah is coming closer. She grabbs the rope and ties it arround her neck. The ground is gone and the three dead students hang there together.

Chapter 4: Edit

Fifth Murder (SPOILERS) Edit

The fifth killer is Esutaa she killed Erian and Hido because she was sick of there love. She killed Erian first. When he was at the toilet she came in and locked the door. She brought a pink pen with a sharp point. Esutaa waited until Erian came out. Then she stabbed him. She smashed his head against the wall. After a while there wasn't much left of his head.

Sixth Murder (SPOILERS) Edit

After a while Hido came in. When he saw Erian he started crying. Then Esutaa came out of nowhere and stabbed him in the face. Esutaa kicked Hido, Hido banged against the door. He still wasn't dead. Esutaa lifted Hido and placed him underneath the water tap. Then she turned on the water so he would drown.

Fourth Execution (SPOILERS) Edit

Esutaa is vertically tied to the ceiling. Then a giant saw blade cutts her in half. Half of the body get's continuallly replaced with a dead body. But when the dead body of the love of her life (Toomasu Towin) comes in it attaches to Esutaa. And together they get burned to death.

Chapter 5: Edit

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